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EBV Info Portal: Home

A collection of business research resources for participants in the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities

Syracuse University

Steph McReynolds photo

EBV Librarian: Steph McReynolds


Syracuse EBV Research Guide

Florida State University

EBV Librarian: Trip Wyckoff


FSU EBV Research Guide

Saint Joseph's University

EBV Librarian: Cynthia (Cindy) Slater


Saint Joseph's University Library

Louisiana State University

Tom Diamond photo

EBV Librarian: Tom Diamond


LSU EBV Research Guide

Texas A&M University

EBV Librarian: Jared Hoppenfeld


A&M EBV Research Guide

EBV Librarian: Alyson Vaaler


A&M EBV Research Guide

Cornell University

EBV Librarian: Ken Bolton


The Nestle Library Research Guides


EBV Librarian: Michael Oppenheim


Rosenfeld Library

University of Connecticut

Photo of Edward Junhao Lim

EBV Librarian: Edward Junhao Lim


UConn Entrepreneurship & Business Plan Guide

University of Missouri

EBV Librarian: Gwen Gray


University of Missouri Libraries


Welcome to your EBV Info Portal! This website consists of two different types of business research resources: 1) valuable (and usually high-priced) databases which are being donated for those currently in the EBV program and 2) websites available to anyone online which your EBV librarians have selected for inclusion in this resource.

You will find information about your EBV librarians on this page as well so feel free to contact any of us should you need help.

EBV Library Support

In addition to creating this Info Portal, EBV librarians have also provided the following services at some of the EBV universities:

  • Laptop lending
  • Presentation during the on-site visit
  • Face-to-face consultations on business research
  • Availability throughout the year to help with research questions
  • Local database, journal, and book collection availability
  • Creation of online business research guides (see each librarian's profile below for links)

For more information on how librarians have supported EBV participants, check out the article "Librarians and the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans: Helping Disabled Veterans With Business Research."